Fieldbus stepper drive has communication failure?

1. If has parameter setting problem, please refer to user manual for details.

2. If has Network cable problem, it is recommended to use a Category 5e shielded network cable.

Closed-loop stepper motors jitter when stopped?

Probably, PID parameters are not accurate.

Change to open loop mode, if the jitter disappears, change the PID parameters under closed-loop control mode.

Closed loop stepper drive has alarm?

1. If has connection error for encoder wiring, please make sure to use correct encoder extension cable, orelse contact Leadshine if you cannot use an extension cable for other reasons.

2. Check if the encoder is damaged such as signal output.

The motor is blocked ?

1. If the acceleration and deceleration time is too short, please increase the command acceleration time or increase the drive filtering time.

2. If the motor torque is too small, please change the motor with higher torque, or Increase the voltage of the power supply probably.

3. If the motor load is too heavy, please check load weight and inertia, and adjust the mechanical structure.

4. If the driving current is too low, please check DIP switches settings, increase drive output current.

Drive terminals burned out?

1. If has short circuit between terminals, check if the motor winding is short-circuit.

2. If internal resistance between terminals is too large, please check whether the contact area between the end of motor wire and terminals is too small.

Alarms with position or speed errors?

1. If has signal interference, please remove interference, ground reliably.

2. If has wrong pulse signal, please check control signal and make sure it is correct.

3. If has wrong microstep settings, please check DIP switches status on the stepper drive.

4. If the motor loses steps, please check if starting speed is too high or motor selection does not match.

Alarm light is flashing?

1. If has wrong motor wire connection, please check the motor wirings firstly.

2. If the voltage is too high or too low, check the voltage output of switching power supply.

3. If with damaged motor or drive, please replace new motor or drive.

Motor direction is wrong?

1. If the initial direction of the motor is opposite, please replace the motor A+ and A- phase-wiring sequence, or change the direction signal level. 

2. If control signal wire has disconnection, please check motor wiring of poor contact.

3. If the motor has one direction only, maybe wrong pulse mode or wrong 24V control signal.

Motor has huge vibration?

1. Maybe the problem comes from resonance point of stepper motor, please change the motor speed value to see if the vibration will be reduced.

2. Maybe the motor wire contact problem, please check the motor wiring, whether there is a broken wire situation.

Stepper motor does not turn?

 1. If Drive power light is not on, please check the power supply circuit to ensure normal power supply.

 2. If Motor shaft locked, but does not turn, please increase the pulse signal current to 7-16mA, and signal voltage needs to meet the requirements.

 3. If the speed is too low, please select the correct Microstep.

 4. If drive alarm, please check the number of red light flashes, refer to the manual to find a solution.

 5. If has enable signal problem, please change the enable signal level.

 6. If has incorrect pulse signal, please check whether the controller has pulse output, signal voltage needs to meet the requirements.

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