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M Series - Classic Analog Stepper Drives


  • Pure sinusoidal current control technology with less motor heating
  • Self-adjustment technology, providing optimal performance with different motors
  • 7 models, covering 20 VDC to 112VDC or 18 VAC to 80VAC operating voltage ranges
  • Excellent high-speed performance
  • Smoother movement at low-speed
  • Lower motor noise and heating than most analog stepper drives on the market
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With the adoption of its pioneer "pure sinusoidal current control technology" and the latest "self-adjustment technology", Leadshine M series stepper drives can effectively reduce current ripples and mid-range vibration, enabling different motors to run at optimal performance and with lower heating. They can also eliminate drawbacks of difficulty of driving various motors, such as high heating with smaller inductance motors, low high-speed torque with large inductance motors, poor performance under low voltage, and high motor heating under high voltage.

Available Products in M Series
Model Phase Series Control Type Power

Matching Motors


Configuration Connector Type
Voltage(V) Current(A)
AC DC Peak
M5422MStep & Dir-24 - 501.0 - 4.217, 23DIP switch×
M7522MStep & Dir-20 - 701.26 - 5.223, 34DIP switch×
M8602MStep & Dir-24 - 802.4 - 7.217,23,34DIP switch×
M880A2MStep & Dir-24 - 802.8 - 7.823, 34DIP switch×
MA860H2MStep & Dir36 - 8050 - 1102.4 - 7.234, 42DIP switch×