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573S Series - 3 Phase NEMA 23 Stepper Motors


  • 3 phase 1.2° stepping angle
  • NEMA 23
  • Holding toque of 0.9 N*m to 1.5 N*m (128 - 184 oz-in)
  • High precision
  • Smooth movement
  • Low motor heating
  • Low movement noise
Companion Series
DSP based digital 2 or 3 phase stepper drives, anti resonance, extra low heating, and noise, smooth movement

Made of high quality cold roll sheet copper and anti-high temperature permanent magnet, Leadshine's stepper motors are highly reliable and generate low motor heating. Because of their nice internal damping characteristics, those stepping motors can run very smoothly and have no obvious resonance area within the whole speed ranges.

Available Products in 573S Series

Model  Series Frame Size Holding Torque (N*m) Current (A/Phase)
Length (mm) Weight (Kg)
573S09573SNEMA 230.93.5500.75
573S15573SNEMA 231.35.8761.1