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EL5-D Series - High Performance 220 / 230 VAC Input Servo Drives


  • Excellent position following capability
  • Quick response, velocity response (bandwidth) up to 600 Hz
  • Vibration suppression
  • Command signal smoothing
  • Built-in regeneration resistor
  • 220/230 VAC input
  • Powering motors from 50W to 1500W


Companion Series
100 - 1.5kw brushless servo motors with integrated encoder (2500-line standard, higher resolution optional); 3,000 rated RPM

The EL5-D series servo drives are Leadshine's high performance, high voltage brushless AC servo drives. Powering 50 to 1500 W servo motors, these servo drives offer high precision, excellent position following capability to make your motion control systems faster and more precise.

Available Products in EL5-D Series

Model Series Control Mode Power Matching Motors Configuration Feedback
Voltage(V) Current(A)
Torque Velocity Position AC DC Cont Peak Enc Hall
EL5-D0400EL51/3 phase 230VAC-28up to 400WRS232/RS485
EL5-D0750EL51/3 phase 230VAC-3.716up to 750WRS232/RS485
EL5-D1000EL51/3 phase 230VAC-522up to 1000WRS232/RS485