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ACS Series - Brushless Servo Drives; Max 80 VDC; Peak Current Up to 18A


  • DC voltage input up to 80 VDC
  • Continuous current of 6 A and peak of 15/18A.
  • Step/direct command inputs for easy
  • Capable of driving 25-400 W brushless AC servo motors or brushless DC servo motors
  • High precision; low motor heating; low motor vibration


Companion Series
60 mm frame size brushless AC servo motors of 100-400W with 2,500-line encoders
NEMA 23 brushless DC servo motors of 100-400W with integrated 1,000-line encoders

The ACS series fully digital AC servo drives are developed with 32-bit DSP control technology based on advanced control algorithm. Powering 50W to 400W AC servo motors or 25W to 180W brushless DC servo motors.These servos are widely used in small and medium automation machines and equipments, such as inkjet printers, engraving machines, electronics manufacturing equipments, special NC machines, pick and place devices, packing devices, and so on. Particularly suitable for applications desired for high speed, high precision, and low motor noise.

Available Products in ACS Series

Model Series Control Mode Power Matching Motors Configuration Feedback
Voltage(V) Current(A)
Torque Velocity Position AC DC Cont Peak Enc Hall
ACS306ACS---20-30615up to 180WRS232
ACS606ACS---18-60618up to 360WRS232
ACS806ACS---20-80618up to 480WRS232