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ES-M Series - Easy Servo Motors


  • NEMA 23 and 34 frame size
  • Integrated 1,000-line incremental encoders
  • High torque (to 8 N.m, or 1,133 oz-in ) and high precision
  • Low motor heating and low noise
  • Smooth movement
  • Industrial quality
  • Designed to be powered by ES-D series easy servo drives
Companion Series
Easy servo drives of max 100 VDC / 80 VAC, max 8.2 A peak current, powering NEMA 17, 23, and 34 easy servo motors

Leadshine ES-M series easy servo motors are specially designed stepper motors integrated with high resolution encoders (1000-line for standard models). They are made of high quality materials with advanced manufacturing technology. Those motors can move at very high precision with low heating and motor noise.

When powered by Leadshine ES-D series easy servo drives, those easy servo motors can be used to provide closed loop control with torque. They are ideal for upgrading system performance of open loop steppers, or replace many brushless servo systems requiring high low speed high torque.

Leadshine ES-M series servo motors can also be driven by normal open loop stepper drives. With high resolution encoders integrated seamlessly, they can provide real time motion position to connected motion controller, PLC, or external devices.

Leadshine ES-M series easy servo motors are available in frame sizes NEMA 23 and 34 with holding torque up to 8.0 N.M (1,133 oz-in).

Available Products in ES-M Series
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Model Phase Frame Size Holding Torque Matching Easy Servo Drives
120 / 230 VAC Input DC or AC Input
(Nm) (Oz-In) ES-DH1208 ES-DH2306 ES-D508 ES-D808 ES-D1008
ES-M323093NEMA 230.9128
ES-M323203NEMA 232.0283
ES-M224302NEMA 243.0425
ES-M234402NEMA 344.0566
ES-M234802NEMA 348.01,133