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Brushless Servo Drives

Brushless Servo Drives


  • Latest DSP servo control technology
  • Options of direct 220 / 230 AC, and 20-80DC voltage input
  • Capable of driving 25-1,500W brushless servo motor
  • Advanced features for excellent performance
  • High precision, smooth & quiet motor movement
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to tune and implement

Leadshine designs and manufactures high performance brushless servo drives powering a wide range of servo motors from 25-1,500 W. High performance EL5 series brushless servo drives adopts Leadshines’s advanced control algorithm, and offers a lot of advanced features for excellent performance. The economic ACS series brushless servo drives are 32-bit DSP based, capable of driving brushless servo motors up to 400W to the peak speed of 4,000 RPM with high precision.

Available Series

The EL5-D series servo drives are Leadshine's high performance, high voltage brushless AC servo drives. Powering 50 to 1500 W servo motors, these servo drives offer high precision, excellent position following capability to make your motion control systems faster and more precise.


The ACS series fully digital AC servo drives are developed with 32-bit DSP control technology based on advanced control algorithm. Powering 50W to 400W AC servo motors or 25W to 180W brushless DC servo motors.

Available Products

Model Series Control Mode Power Matching Motors Configuration Feedback
Voltage(V) Current(A)
Torque Velocity Position AC DC Cont Peak Enc Hall
ACS306ACS---20-30615up to 180WRS232
ACS606ACS---18-60618up to 360WRS232
ACS806ACS---20-80618up to 480WRS232
EL5-D0400EL51/3 phase 230VAC-28up to 400WRS232/RS485
EL5-D0750EL51/3 phase 230VAC-3.716up to 750WRS232/RS485
EL5-D1000EL51/3 phase 230VAC-522up to 1000WRS232/RS485