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High Voltage AC Servo Products

Leadshine offers a wide range of high voltage AC input servo drives and motors. Servo motors are available from 50w to 1.5kw power with frame size of 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 130mm. Encoder options for those servo motors include 1,000-line, 2,500-line, 5,000-line, 17-bit, and 23-bit. We also also offer matching servo drives which are available in the control types of step & direction, CW/CCW, RS485, CANopen, and EtherCAT.
(High Voltage Input)
High Voltage AC Servo MotorsThe EL5-M series high voltage brushless AC servo motors provide applications with high torque density to attain high acceleration capability and faster positioning. They are available in metric frame sizes from 40 mm to 130 mm. A wide variety of options are available for customization to meet your application needs. Standard modes have standard cabling options for direct connection to the EL5-D drives.
(High Voltage Input)
High Voltage AC Servo DrivesThe EL5-D series servo drives are Leadshine's high performance, high voltage brushless AC servo drives. Powering 50 to 1500 W servo motors, these servo drives offer high precision, excellent position following capability to make your motion control systems faster and more precise