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Easy Servo Products

(Closed Loop Steppers)

By adopting high resolution encoders, Leadshine easy servo products apply servo controls on high torque stepper motors. Those products combine advantages of brushless servo systems and conventional stepper systems.

Leadshine easy servo products are featured with closed position loops, high starting & low speed torque, no torque reservation, high stiffness at standstill, extra low heating, smooth motor movement, no hunting, no overshoot, zero settling time, and no tuning for most applications. You can click above tabs to read details about what are Leadshine easy servo, and their advantages over stepper systems & servo systems.

Leadshine's easy servo products are available in integrated easy servo motors, easy servo drives, and easy servo motors.

(Integrated Closed Loop Steppers)
Integrated Easy Servo Motors

Leadshine offers integrated easy servo motors ( integrated closed loop stepper motors) in NEMA 17 and 23. They are featured with closed position loops, extra low motor heating, smooth movement, low motor noise, no hunting or overshooting, zero settling time, no tuning. At very compact sizes, those Leadshine integrated easy servo motors are capable of providing servo-like performance at competitive costs.

(Closed Loop Stepper Drives)
Easy Servo Drives

Leadshine offers easy servo drives (closed loop stepper drives) providing servo controls on stepper motors. Those easy servo drives combine features of both traditional stepper and brushless servo drives and are featured with no loss of movement synchronization, load based output current, extra low motor heating & noise, no overshooting, no hunting, zero settling time, etc. They are available in DC input or 110/120 or 220/230 AC.

(Stepper Motors with Encoders)
Easy Servo Motors

Leadshine offers easy servo motors (stepper motors with an encoders)  from NEMA 23 to 42 with torque of 0.9 to 20 Nm (128 - 2,832 oz-in). Those easy servo motors are integrated with 1,000-line encoders. They are made of high quality materials and can move in high precision with smoothness and quiteness. When driven by Leadshine's easy servo drives, position cloops are fully closed.