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Stepper Motors with Brakes

Stepper Motors with Brakes


  • Industrial quality
  • Frame sizes of NEMA 17, 23, 24, and 34
  • Integrated 24 VDC brakes
  • High precision
  • High reliability
  • Low motor heating
  • Low vibration
  • Smooth movement

Leadshine offers 2 hybrid stepper motors with 24 VDC brakes in frame sizes 17, 23, 24, and 34. These motor bodies are made of premium quality materials including bearings and shafts from Japanese suppliers, which can power your machines in high precision, low motor heating, low vibration with smooth motion.

Those integrated 24 VDC brakes can be controlled by a stepper drive or another control device such as a PLC or motion controller, and automatically engaged whenever the motor is powered off.

Available Products
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Phase Frame Size
Holding Torque Phase Current
Nm oz-in  mm inch
57CM13-BZ 2231.3184424 VDC, 0.75 N.m friction torque963.78
57CM23-BZ2232.3326 524 VDC, 0.75 N.m friction torque1164.57
86CM45-BZ2344.5638624 VDC, 4 N.m friction torque1144.49
86CM85-BZ 2348.51204624 VDC, 4 N.m friction torque1525.98
57HS13B-DJ2231.3184424 VDC, 0.75 N.m friction torque953.74
57HSB21A2232.1297524 VDC, 0.75 N.m friction torque1164.57
86HSB45E2344.66514.224 VDC, 4 N.m friction torque1144.49
86HSB85E23481133624 VDC, 4 N.m friction torque1525.98