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General Closed Loop Stepper Drives

General Closed Loop Stepper Drives


  • Input voltage 24-48VDC, output peak current 0-8.0A
  • Closed-loop, eliminates loss of synchronization
  • No Tuning and always stable
  • Do not need a high torque margin
  • Broader operating speed range
  • Reduced motor heating and more efficient
  • Smooth motion and super-low motor noise
  • Protections for over-voltage, over-current and position following error

To solve the challenge of open-loop stepper systems depicted in the above figure, Leadshine offers the CS-D closed-loop stepper drives which can power NEMA 8, 11, 16, 17, 23, 24, and 34 closed loop stepper motors (stepper motors with encoders).

After adding an encoder to a stepper motor, a CS series closed-loop stepper drive can detect both the commanded target position & real-time position of the motor shaft and thus capable of closing the position loop like servo system. This approach makes the CS series closed-loop system not only solve the step loss problem of open-loop stepper systems, but also keep the simplicity and low cost features of open-loop systems. Therefore, Leadshine CS series is an ideal choice to adopt in new control systems, upgrade existing open-loop systems, and replace many servo applications. While the CS series can provide high performance you expect, it will also meet your low-cost requirement.

Available Products
Model Control Type Phase Supply Voltage

Output Current

Suitable Stepper Motors Digital Output
CS-D508Step & Dir / CW & CCW220 - 50 VDC0.5 - 8NEMA 17, 23, 24Fault Output / Brake Control /
CS-D808Step & Dir / CW & CCW220 - 80 VDC0.5 - 8NEMA 23, 24, 34Fault Output / Brake Control /
CS-D1008Step & Dir / CW & CCW220 - 80 VAC / 20 - 100 VDC0.5 - 8NEMA 23, 24, 34,42Fault Output / Brake Control /