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Success at Automatica 2016
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Automatica 2016

AUTOMATICA is the international trade fair that unites all sectors of robotics and automation under one roof!It showcases the world's largest range of robotics,assembly lines and machine-vision systems. AUTOMATICA 2016 around 45,000 visitors and 839 exhibitors from 47 countries attended.

What we present

Leadshine with its new product close-loop vector stepper products, low voltage servo products, Bus control products,controllers and control cards attended. At this exhibition, Leadshine also shows the cost-effective and reliable solution of industrial automation, such as 6-axis robotics.


Success at AUTOMATICA 2016

The 2016 Munich AUTOMATICA, had come to a successful ending by June 24th, in which Leadshine also harvest abundant business opportunities with European.

In the event, we presented all of our current products categories, i.e. Open-loop Stepping products, Easy Servo products, Servo and Control products together with their new features. Based on the well preparation of market understanding, posters, brochures and product introduction disks, we had comprehensive and effective communication with more than 200 potential customers, which will enable us to expect a promising market increment.

Highlight of presentation, we shared the cost-effective robotics solution together without UK partner Autofina, which obviously attracted many expo visitors due to the performance and cost effectiveness. The wild appreciation of the Robotic and the well market shipment of the Design improves the quality and high cost effectiveness, and we are looking forward to bring more and more shining values of our customers by close partnership and leading Technology!

We also would like to give our thanks to our close partners in Europe, who gave us strong support during the expo and also our visitors, who’s interests will been encouraging us to be engaged in providing better and better products to our customers!

If you have missed us this time, Leadshine hereby sincerely invites you to join our upcoming trade fairs SPS IPC Drives Exhibition in Nuremberg for the most fabulous innovations! 

Exhibition: SPS IPC Drives 2016

Date: 22 - 24 November 2016

Venue: Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany